Values and Ethos


Our Values and Ethos:

Our School aims to serve its community by providing the highest quality teaching and learning environment within the context of Christian belief and practice. We aim to create successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who are able to adapt and grow as society and technologies change.

We seek to: 

  • Create a happy, secure and stimulating environment, rooted in British Values.
  • Enable mutual respect and an appreciation of the contribution of others.
  • Offer parents a caring and welcoming environment, and encourage open communication between home and school.
  • Reflect, in our collective worship, the beliefs and values of both our school and the Christian tradition, maintaining close links with our local church.
  • Develop a strong sense of community with well-established links.

 STATEMENT OF AIMS – We will achieve this by:

  1.  Developing a love of learning in the children as well as the skills necessary to satisfy their desire for knowledge as they strive for excellence in all pursuits.
  2. Offering a creative, stimulating and challenging school environment, which will engage all learners, as well as utilising our beautiful surroundings to enrich learning.
  3. Helping each child develop their own values and beliefs, whilst respecting the religious and moral values of others.
  4. Developing a strong sense of right and wrong, and an understanding of how to contribute positively to the community. Encouraging children to work co-operatively, showing respect for each other and property.
  5. Fostering a positive partnership between parents/carers and school, recognising the important contribution parents/carers make to their child’s education.
  6. Promoting our children’s self-esteem and encouraging them to do their best and build on their own successes.
  7. Developing citizenship skills; children will understand and appreciate the community and world in which they live, in preparation for their future.
  8. Raising the children’s cultural awareness and fostering their appreciation of the arts and sciences as well as an empathy with nature and the environment.
  9. Encouraging each child to be confident to express their feelings, whilst developing sensitivity towards the emotions and feelings of others as they move through the education system.
  10. Allowing every child the opportunity to develop and be valued as a whole person – mind, body, emotions and spirit, within the context of the Christian faith.

Christian Values

Each half-term, the school explores different Christian values. We teach our children about these values and emphasise that they are different from our academic learning values. Our Christian Values can be found on display in the school entrance area and they are at the heart of all of the work of our school, both in the classrooms and in the daily acts of Collective Worship. Each half term, a different Christian Value is chosen for special focus. The Christian Values are not separate but link together to underpin the beliefs of Christians.  If you wish to find out more, please visit or read our Compton Couriers.

The following Christian values are central to our School:   creativity, humility, perseverance, compassion, courage, thankfulness, respect, hope, wisdom, generosity, responsibility and friendship.