Young Friends

The Young Friends at Compton and Upmarden CE School have modelled themselves on the adult group who fundraise for the benefit of the school.

The Young Friends consist of a group of six children. Each class appoints two representatives through the democratic process of nomination and voting.

The representatives hold their position for a year and the group ranges from Year 1 to Year 6.

The Young Friends are supported by a member of staff and usually meet regularly.

The main function of the group is to raise funds for a two-fold purpose.

One is to enable the school to support a charity as part of our “caring for others” ethos and the second is to enable the purchase of resources for use within school and to facilitate interaction between all age groups.

A very successful item bought recently, were two outdoor play/games tables.

Before and after meetings the Young Friends must liaise with their own teacher and request time to collate ideas or feedback to their class. Children within each class have a responsibility to support their representative.